I urge you to VOTE YES on Senate Amendment 1589 and stand with Jim DeMint to END ALL ENERGY SUBSIDIES. Government has a proven record of failure when it interferes in the energy market. It's time for this corrupt corporate welfare to end.

It’s time for Washington to put hardworking taxpayers ahead of special interests.

Our national debt is well over $15 trillion and growing rapidly, our economic security is at risk, but every day, millions of our hard-earned tax dollars go to corporate welfare giveaways for Washington’s friends and special interests.

In 2010, Congress gave billions in energy subsidies, $2.8 billion to oil and natural gas, $1.4 billion to coal, $5 billion to wind, $6.6 billion to biofuels, and $1.1 billion to solar companies. Did you get your subsidy? Do you have an army of lobbyists working for you?

Senator Jim DeMint knows that we can’t afford this irresponsible spending. Like millions of Americans, he believes genuine merit should determine success, not government favoritism or corporate welfare. That’s why he introduced Senate Amendment 1589 to end ALL energy subsidies. A vote on this measure could come as soon as THIS TUESDAY, March 13.

We need to curb the influence of special interests who help themselves at our expense. Tell your Senator today to do the right thing: END ALL ENERGY SUBSIDIES. VOTE YES on DeMint Amendment Number 1589!

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